"I can be, anything I want to be, with hard work, dedication, family, faith"- Program slogan

Elevate Elite Basketball


Program Philosophy

Program Philosophy 

1.  Communication- This is key to building a strong program from top to bottom. 

2.  Trust- Building trust within a program will only strengthen the bond we have with one another.  Players and Coaches must trust and believe in each other. 

3.  Enthusiasm/Energy- Creating a positive environment for players and parents.  Having positive energy leads to positive results

4.  Pride- Building pride for the program will build tradition.  We must take pride in everything we do.  Be proud of yourself, teammates, coaches, and program.

5.  Unity- Players, Coaches, and Community coming together 

These ingredients will help to build a tradition and developing a quality program. 

Traits for both coaches and players

With the 5 ingredients mentioned:

- Positive Attitude

- Strong Work Ethic

- Perseverance: Overcoming difficult tasks/challenges

- Belief:  We will believe in ourselves and each other

- Discipline: We work towards achieving our goals, have self-discipline to do our best at all times, etc..





Player Expectations

1.  Give a 100%- Push yourself during conditioning, drill work, offense/defense sets.  You can only get better by going a 100%.  

"Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn't work hard"

2.  Please be on time

3.  Communication is key to everything

4.  Attitude on and off the court

5.  Keep up your grades

6.  Be Teachable   

7. Believe in yourself and your teammates

8. Take responsibility

9.  Team always comes first

Practice Conduct:

1.  Always be on time

2.  Focus only on basketball

3.  If you need treatment (ex: taping), please get it done before practice

4.  You must attend all practices and games.  If you must miss, you have to contact before. hand.  If you miss school for any reason, you must contact the coaches as well.  

5.  Always wear your practice uniforms to practice.  

6.  Focus on all basketball activities at all times.  

7.  We expect an all out effort at all times.  Practice Hard and Play Hard.

8.  Positive attitude- Ask questions, support your teammates, bring energy, etc....